Also, they have put in place a system and control that applies to the standards of regulated sectors, and this will, in turn, prevent money laundering or financing terrorists. There are six coins supported on Luno, and they are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and USD coin; these are the only coins supported on Luno for now. Even if you forget it will continue to be purchased as it’s automatic.

Once added, you can now purchase cryptocurrencies on Luno using the instant buy feature on the exchange. The withdrawal limits usually depend on the currency as well as the level of verification you have attained. While level 1 verified members have an all-time limit of 1000 pounds or it’s equivalent in other currencies, level 2 verified members have a monthly limit of 5,000 pounds per month. Level 3 verified users, on the other hand, have no limits regarding deposits and withdrawal fees. Luno offers several services for its users including a cryptocurrency trading platform, a brokerage service, a Bitcoin wallet and an API for developers.

  1. None of the content on CoinCentral is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner.
  2. The brokerage solution also facilitates quick cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and ETH) purchase and sale at the stated price.
  3. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.
  4. They also store their „hot wallets” in multsignature wallets that are shared with BitGo.
  5. Depending on the country’s choice, the trading platform imposes transaction limits too.
  6. You cannot currently deposit funds or make a withdrawal in Nigerian naira as the Central Bank of Nigeria has announced banks should stop supporting cryptocurrency companies.

This second verification level will increase the daily and monthly maximums slightly. This fee is on point with the industry average which is also around 0.25%. Luno has no charges for makers, thus promoting the liquidity at the exchange. Austin DeNoce is a writer, personal investor, and entrepreneur who is focused on trading and investing education for macro, crypto, equities, derivatives, and foreign exchange traders.

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The Luno Wallet is a safe storage option where users can keep their tokens protected from any attempted hack or security breaches. Luno keeps clients’ funds in ‘deep freeze’ multi-signature wallets that are offline. For the higher daily and monthly limits, users need to reach the second verification level by supplying a photo of their identification document and a selfie.

However, because Luno is available in so many nations, each with its own regulations and infrastructure, certain fees may differ depending on where you are using the service. For now, we will concern ourselves with some of the most important. Coinbase has also just rebranded their GDAX exchange as Coinbase pro. This advanced exchange has a range of trading options and can be used for large amounts of volume by institutional investors. In terms of trading functionality itself, the Bitcoin order book seems to be relatively healthy for BTC / ZAR. This means that larger transactions can be filled without taking too much of a cut in the price.

Luno offers a simple fiat-to-crypto exchange to buy digital assets. The service is accessible from the wallet section of the platform. The Luno app is your trading platform, wallet and PayPal all-in-one. All trading functions are accessible in markets that support exchange trading.

As usual, your daily transfer limits depend on your level of account verification. Presumably, this will be for first-time investors looking to get their feet wet in the cryptocurrency markets. In wallets, you can find access to both your fiat and cryptocurrency funds.

Luno’s trading platform

A decentralized exchange does not use an intermediary to hold customer funds and accounts. Peers trade directly amongst each other (peer-to-peer) and funds are transferred between their cryptocurrency wallets. If you want to withdraw money from your Luno wallet to your bank account, first ensure your ID is verified and your bank account is linked to Luno. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and select the bank you want to with draw to. You will be asked to enter your Luno pin code to confirm the withdrawal.

We dislike the fact that there’s no telephone number for customer support. And also in general we would not recommend doing business with a non-regulated company. This is probably because Bitcoins are not considered legal tender and governments are yet to develop regulatory frameworks.

On top of the help center, Luno offers live chat support, which can be accessed by requesting an advisor via virtual assistance. For our Luno review, we tested support response time and received a reply to our question within 30 seconds, likely a contributing factor to the company’s 3.9/5 Trustpilot rating. Similarly to the web platform, the fiat-to-crypto gateway can be accessed via the wallet section, making swapping between the platforms flow well.


CFDs and other derivatives are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how an investment works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Visit our recommended platform to buy crypto by clicking the button below. But its customer base is very targeted at present, so Luno is really only practical for citizens in South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

However, you can access an additional 73 trading pairs denominated in fiat currency, BTC, and USDC through the exchange, increasing the viability of Luno as a trading platform. Like Coinbase users in America and Europe, Luno users can purchase bitcoins with their fiat trading pair of choice by linking their bank account to their online exchange account. For those users who have debit and credit cards, they also accept payments via Upay and Everypay. For you to get crypto on Luno, your account needs to be verified up to level 2 or higher, then use voucher codes, bank wire transfer, or credit card to add money to your fiat account.

On the exchange, you can view open orders to understand buying sentiment, which is useful for swing traders trying to predict the market. Although TradingView offers a wide range of analysis tools, the chart lacks data which indicates a lack of volume. Furthermore, only Limit, Market, and Stop-Limit orders are available, making entering and exiting positions more cumbersome than platforms like Binance. While exchanges like Binance or Bybit let you select which fiat currency to deposit, Luno only enables you to use your local currencies.

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The dashboard is fairly well organized, though not the most impressive we’ve seen compared to some other well-established players. So, if you are planning to trade immediately then enabling 2-factor authentication (2FA) in settings should be your first port of call. Luno has three departments globally — Cape Town, Singapore, and London, and the main office based in the UK. Luno was introduced into the market in 2016, but before that, it was known as BitX from 2013. If you are looking for alternatives to Luno we have compiled a list of the top 5 brokers that are similar to Luno below. This list of brokers like Luno is in order of similarity and only includes companies that accept traders from your location.

Luno App

He graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s in philosophy and carries a deep passion for a first-principles approach to investing and education therein. Austin specializes in topics related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Luno’s Discover section features a news section, which provides users with the latest news and updates in the world of cryptocurrency. Additionally, Luno requires two-factor authentication for all transactions, which adds an extra layer of security to users’ accounts.

Purchase and sell Bitcoin/Ethereumwith fiat currencies like ZAR, NGN, e.t.c. There are fees for these transactions. With your BVN, Luno will NOT be able to access your bank account or your financial information. Luno stores all your personal information, including your BVN, in a secure, encrypted form. Luno is a real and legit exchange, offering secure crypto trading exchanges. You may earn/lose money on this exchange depending on their financial decisions. As already mentioned, the deposited amount depends entirely on the verification level and region.